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Wi-Fi On Buses Makes Long Daily Trips Educational

Driver shortages are having a notable impact on schools across the country. Schools are being forced to reduce the number of routes available, which causes daily bus commute times to extend upwards over an over for many students. For students who ride these long routes every day, the trip can be long and reduce the… Read more »

Here Comes The Bus App Gives Parents Real-Time Bus Arrival Info

An app called Here Comes the Bus recently launched by Synovia Solutions promises to help keep parents informed about where their children are in real-time. Here Comes the Bus, also available as a website, provides parents with the real-time location of their child’s school bus via computer, tablet, or mobile phone for the new school… Read more »

Indiana Parents Use App To Track Their Child’s School Bus

When school is back in session this fall, parents in central Indiana will be using a new service that will help them keep track of their kids’ school buses and make sure they get home safely, according to local news reports. Here Comes the Bus is an app developed by local company Synovia which works… Read more »

Kansas District Approves Plan For School Bus Cameras and GPS Monitoring

School bus surveillance is becoming increasingly common across the country despite some concerns about student privacy, and one Kansas district shows how many schools are working to keep children safe with security cameras and bus tracking. Garden City Telegram reports Holcomb Unified School District 363 plans on installing security cameras that will record video and… Read more »

Cummins QSOL App Comes To Android

  Many school bus drivers, mechanics, and transportation administrations have found great use for the Cummins QuickServe Online (QSOL) mobile app on Apple smartphones, and now the tool is available for Android users as well. The QSOL app gives users on-the-go access to Cummins parts information and options, parts catalogs, and engine dataplate information for… Read more »

Could Cameras Fix The Problem With School Bus Mirrors?

Bus technology is advancing so rapidly these days. We have GPS, stop-arm cameras, interior bus surveillance equipment, and student tracking software available to school bus drivers, and there is still so much room for advancement. Drivers still deal with regular issues and limitations of bus design that could compromise the safety of students and buses… Read more »

Orbit Software Offers $30K School Bus Route Optimization Grant

Orbit Software, Inc. helps many school bus fleets across the U.S. optimize their routes to save money and get students home in the most safe and efficient manner. Now, they are offering a technology grant of up to $30,000 to one U.S. fleet to use their BusBoss system. Find out more about the contest here,… Read more »

Do You Support School Bus Audio Monitoring?

Technology is advancing at an ever-increasing pace. While these advancements may make our lives easier in countless ways, they also raise several important questions about privacy and safety. This is especially true for the topic of school and school bus surveillance. Audio and video recording on school buses has the potential to increase safety in… Read more »

New App Alerts Minnesota Parents When Buses Run Late

A new smartphone app will make it much easier for parents in one Minnesota school district to know when their child’s school bus is running behind. The MySPPS app recently released by St. Paul Public Schools notifies parents when school buses are running behind so they don’t have to worry when their child is not… Read more »

Why Schools Are Adding WiFi To School Buses [Infographic]

School buses are quickly being adapted to the more connected modern age by installing new technology to improve school transportation for students and parents alike. One of the ways school buses are advancing is by adding WiFi to buses so that students can be more productive on the increasingly long trips home from school. Some… Read more »