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Why You Should Offer Shuttle Bus Services to Your Staff

Shuttle Buses for Businesses

To help ease the commute for their employees, companies are offering shuttle service options. Some companies will go as far as offering a shuttle that picks employees up from transit hubs, to shorten their walk to work. Others will shuttle their employees from designated pick up points to and from work. Providing a shuttle service… Read more »

Free Public Transit Trial

Different cities across the country are proposing a new system in which public transit will be free for everyone. According to a study conducted by the Center for Economic Information in the Department of Economics at the University of Missouri Kansas City, the elimination of bus fares will improve the quality of life in the… Read more »

Tips for Encouraging Health & Wellness for Bus Drivers

Driving a school bus is not a very labor-intensive job, but over time being seated for so long can have an impact on the driver’s body. According to Gallup, a study of 14 occupation groups ranked transportation workers as having the highest obesity rate, 36%. While this statistic can be alarming, there are ways to combat… Read more »

Get Your Kids Prepared To Go Back To School With Bus Safety Rules

The holiday season is officially over and countless young children are headed back to school today. That means school buses will be back on the road as well. Make sure your child is prepared by brushing up on some bus safety rules from the National Safety Council before the next time they get on a… Read more »

Connecting Electric Buses To The Grid Could Cut Costs Even More

Several case studies have all but confirmed that electric buses can save you a huge chunk of money in the long run, but many fleet owners and school districts are still nervous about making the leap to green transportation. This could soon change as Ben Schiller shows electric buses can earn school districts even more… Read more »

A Jet-Powered School Bus Is Trying To Keep Kids Off Drugs

I thought I had seen just about every kind of repurposed bus possible, from traveling homes and community kitchens to art studios. But, Paul Stender’s “School Time” school bus is unlike any other. Stender equipped his bus with a 42,000 horsepower jet engine originally made for an F-4 Phantom fighter plane, and while he admits… Read more »

“Joey’s First Bus Ride” Teaches The Most Important Points of Bus Safety

Myke Obstaculo, from the Pinellas County Schools transportation department in Florida, walks his son, Joey, through how to safely board and ride the bus in this video that many young parents can benefit from. If your child is riding the bus or may be taking one in the future, it is always important to walk… Read more »

How Public Transportation Is Essential To Our Society

Buses and our public transportation system as a whole are often taken for granted. While most people only see the simple services that buses provide, these services make up the foundation for our entire society. Peter W. Cookson of the American Institutes of Research gave a presentation at the recent STN EXPO on exactly this… Read more »

Some Ride The Bus To School, Others Use It To Explore New Places

While buses are increasingly flooding the streets in accord with the reopening of schools across America, there are plenty other who are using buses for their own personal adventures and enjoyment. Blue Bird Buses recently shared one such bus being used to provide tours around Aruba. With my love of repurposed and customized buses, there… Read more »

Local Police Ask Parents To Let Children Ride The Bus

Buses are often taken for granted. While we appreciate their convenience and safety, you rarely hear anyone outside the bus industry mention how buses improve traffic conditions significantly. As schools opened this week, a local school learned the hard way. Broken Arrow has been experiencing high amounts of school traffic and police have now asked… Read more »