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Why You Should Offer Shuttle Bus Services to Your Staff

Shuttle Buses for Businesses

To help ease the commute for their employees, companies are offering shuttle service options. Some companies will go as far as offering a shuttle that picks employees up from transit hubs, to shorten their walk to work. Others will shuttle their employees from designated pick up points to and from work. Providing a shuttle service… Read more »

Free Public Transit Trial

Different cities across the country are proposing a new system in which public transit will be free for everyone. According to a study conducted by the Center for Economic Information in the Department of Economics at the University of Missouri Kansas City, the elimination of bus fares will improve the quality of life in the… Read more »

Tips for Encouraging Health & Wellness for Bus Drivers

Driving a school bus is not a very labor-intensive job, but over time being seated for so long can have an impact on the driver’s body. According to Gallup, a study of 14 occupation groups ranked transportation workers as having the highest obesity rate, 36%. While this statistic can be alarming, there are ways to combat… Read more »

School Districts Are Turning To Propane Buses

When we talk about buses running on alternative fuels like propane, most people assume it is a DIY type system which is rigged up on an old bus. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Buses are steadily accepting alternative fuel systems on a large-scale level, and modern propane buses are anything but jury rigged…. Read more »

What are the Non-Monetary Benefits of Buses?

It is relatively easy to quantify the personal benefits of using a bus. You can calculate the gas your organization saves by employing mass transit vehicles, or you can predict the potential profits of investing in a bus and starting your own commercial venture with it. But, during hard times many organizations attempt to determine… Read more »

Can Your Church Benefit From a Bus or Shuttle?

Buses don’t always have to be used for school and public transportation. It is becoming increasingly common for private organizations to use buses and shuttles to help transport their members for events or even everyday work. One of the most popular ways to repurpose buses is using them for church activities. A shuttle or bus… Read more »

New Report Says Buses Are Still One Of The Safest Transportation Options

It can’t be overstated how safe buses are. They are so safe, that despite being larger and more difficult to drive than traditional vehicles, federal data says that less than one percent of all fatal traffic accidents from 2003 to 2012 were related to school transportation. To be exact, 0.35 percent of the fatal accidents… Read more »

More People Are Choosing Buses Every Day

Until schools find ways to move large numbers of students more efficiently than buses, the school bus will always have a prominent place on the road. But, you might not notice just how often buses are used by groups other than students. Buses and shuttles are being used more and more often as people are… Read more »

New Wheelchair Tie-Down Standards Aim To Improve Passenger Safety

The bus industry has made great strides in improving the transportation options available to passengers who have special needs of all kinds, but new safety standards will make riding in buses, cars, and vans even safer for passengers in wheelchairs. While some of the requirements on wheelchair tie-down systems have already gone into effect, there… Read more »

Will Your Bus Fit Everyone You Need It To?

When looking for a bus, you will almost certainly be asked how many people you plan to transport with your vehicle. But, some salespeople will forget to ask about another key detail: who are the people you will be moving in your bus? School buses are commonly used for more than transporting students. Churches, businesses,… Read more »