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How To Become A School Bus Driver

Being a school bus driver can be an enriching career with many benefits. There are several required steps when pursuing becoming a school bus driver.  These include a variety of tests, a safe history of driving, and a CDL endorsement. The main task of a school bus driver is to safely transport students to and… Read more »

Kansas Declares Oct. 21 School Bus Drivers’ Appreciation Day

School bus drivers are responsible for making sure children get to and from school every day safe and sound, and now Kansas is taking steps to ensure their hard work is recognized. Under a proclamation from Gov. Brownback, Wednesday, Oct. 21 will now be known as School Bus Drivers’ Appreciation Day in the state of… Read more »

Proposed Funding Cuts May Fuel Driver Shortage In NC District

School bus driver shortages are a problem facing the entire nation, but they show no signs of slowing in the face of continued funding cuts for education. One such proposed cut in North Carolina could turn existing driver shortage issues into a crisis for some districts. A proposed state funding cut of up to 50%… Read more »

Jeremy Byler Celebrates School Bus Drivers With Hilarious Parody

Being a school bus driver may be occasionally difficult, but it can also be highly rewarding. Bus driver Jeremy Byler shared a YouTube video featuring a hilarious parody of Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” celebrating the millions of bus drivers who help children get to school or school-related events and back home… Read more »

Oklahoma School Bus Driver Uses Facebook To Ask For Cold Water For Students

An Oklahoma school bus driver concerned for children on long bus routes during the hot summer months is finding huge support after using Facebook to ask the community for cases of bottled water. Brenda Burns made it her goal for the upcoming year to guarantee water was available for every passenger on Guthrie Public Schools… Read more »

Federal Program Helps Thousands of Veterans Receive Their CDL

More than 10,000 veterans and active-duty personnel have received their civilian commercial driver’s license (CDL) through a federal program intended to make it easier for veterans with driving experience to get the license often required to drive school buses and other large vehicles. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Military Skills Test Waiver Program gives… Read more »

Widespread School Bus Driver Shortages May Be Attributed To Low Pay

School bus driver shortages are a widespread problem for schools around the nation, but until districts find the money to pay drivers a more competitive wage the problem is only going to get worse. Driving a school bus is an intimidating job. Not only do you have to drive a vehicle substantially larger than anything… Read more »

The Book Bus Brings PA Children Books For Summer

School may be out, but a bus traveling around a Pennsylvania community is making sure local children are not without learning opportunities. The Book Bus is giving books to the children of West Allegheny School District’s younger students. The bus is the result of a collaborative project between the school district, the Western Allegheny Community… Read more »

Connecticut District Expands School Bus Service To Fight Absenteeism

A Connecticut school district is expanding school bus eligibility zones for elementary students in an effort to fight chronic absenteeism, according to local new reports. Under previous rules, Consolidated School District of New Britain students who lived over 1 mile from their school were eligible for school bus service. As of September, however, students who… Read more »

The Best Traits of Great School Bus Drivers

While students are headed off to summer break, school transportation administrators are hard at work, making sure the fleet is ready for next year. A big part of that task is making sure the fleet actually has enough qualified school bus drivers. Unfortunately, school bus driver shortages have made it harder than ever to guarantee… Read more »