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Staying Entertained on Long Bus Ride

Whether its riding the bus to school, to church camp, or to a tournament it is helpful to have some activities planned. Staying entertained will keep the atmosphere fun and make everyone excited for their destination! Alphabet Search: In this game you are looking for actual objects or physical entities that begin with the letter… Read more »

Video: The Guide To A Safe First Ride On The Bus

As students around the country are celebrating the start of summer, many parents are already working hard to prepare their younger children for the first day of school in fall. This includes teaching them how to safely ride the school bus when the time comes. This video from Oregon’s Salem-Keizer Public Schools helps teach parents… Read more »

Get Your Kids Prepared To Go Back To School With Bus Safety Rules

The holiday season is officially over and countless young children are headed back to school today. That means school buses will be back on the road as well. Make sure your child is prepared by brushing up on some bus safety rules from the National Safety Council before the next time they get on a… Read more »

A Jet-Powered School Bus Is Trying To Keep Kids Off Drugs

I thought I had seen just about every kind of repurposed bus possible, from traveling homes and community kitchens to art studios. But, Paul Stender’s “School Time” school bus is unlike any other. Stender equipped his bus with a 42,000 horsepower jet engine originally made for an F-4 Phantom fighter plane, and while he admits… Read more »

“Joey’s First Bus Ride” Teaches The Most Important Points of Bus Safety

Myke Obstaculo, from the Pinellas County Schools transportation department in Florida, walks his son, Joey, through how to safely board and ride the bus in this video that many young parents can benefit from. If your child is riding the bus or may be taking one in the future, it is always important to walk… Read more »

Susan Hamre Offers Tips For Improving School Bus Transportation For Students With Autism

Susan Hamre, a speech pathologist at the Giant Steps autism organization located near Chicago, spoke on Tuesday at School Transportation News’ EXPO to offer insight that could greatly improve the transportation quality of special needs passengers. Hamre has worked with individuals with autism for decades and now runs her own private practice in New Mexico… Read more »

Using a School Bus to Bring Books to Children All Summer

  The new school year is coming up, and when classes resume teachers will be forced to spend the first few weeks reviewing information the students had already learned the year before. This is due to what is known as the “summer slide” or the drop in test scores that occurs between June and September… Read more »