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What to Look for When Purchasing A Bus

If you are looking for a pre-owned bus, the search can become overwhelming as you navigate various sellers. There are several things to consider when selecting a bus to use for personal or business needs. If you are unsure where to begin, here are the items you need to check: Size One of the two… Read more »

Why a Shuttle is the Perfect Choice for a Rural Church

While larger organizations like megachurches are able to easily afford owning and maintaining an entire fleet of buses, smaller churches like those in rural areas often have less resources to put towards their congregation’s transportation options. Generally, this means the churches might put a little bit of money back to reimburse volunteers who offer their… Read more »

Six Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Shuttle

In the past, we’ve discussed an assortment of things prospective bus owners should consider before they make a final purchase. While coaches and shuttles are similar to school buses, if you are considering buying a shuttle you should keep in mind that the vehicles have their own unique concerns you should address. To help you… Read more »

What To Consider Before Choosing a Bus

  If you’re shopping for a bus, chances are you already have an idea of what you need in your mind. But, often that mental image of the bus for you is quite a bit different from the bus you need. Your “dream bus” can become a nightmare if you purchase before answering a number… Read more »

Shuttle and Coach Industry Continues To Show Steady Growth

If there was ever a time to consider investing in a shuttle or motorcoach, now is the time according to a recent report by the American Bus Association Foundation. The report says the U.S. and Canadian motorcoach industry shows steady, solid growth and the vehicles continue to be one of the most flexible, cost-effective, and… Read more »

The FMCSA Helps Explain Bus Regulations

It can be scary to be on the verge of making a huge investment in a large vehicle for group travel, especially if you don’t feel like you totally understand the regulations and laws you will have to comply with to operate your vehicle. Don’t you wish there was an easy to access resource that… Read more »

What You Should Know Before Buying a Bus

Most people looking to buy a bus have only two concerns when they come to us. They have a budget they need to meet, and a set number of passengers they need to be able to transport. While those two factors are always a heavy influence on finding the bus that best suits your needs,… Read more »