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How To Become A School Bus Driver

Being a school bus driver can be an enriching career with many benefits. There are several required steps when pursuing becoming a school bus driver.  These include a variety of tests, a safe history of driving, and a CDL endorsement. The main task of a school bus driver is to safely transport students to and… Read more »

Tips for Encouraging Health & Wellness for Bus Drivers

Driving a school bus is not a very labor-intensive job, but over time being seated for so long can have an impact on the driver’s body. According to Gallup, a study of 14 occupation groups ranked transportation workers as having the highest obesity rate, 36%. While this statistic can be alarming, there are ways to combat… Read more »

School Bus Maintenance Tips for the Winter Months

Winters can be extremely harsh on school buses, so it requires a specialized maintenance plan for the added strain of cold air, ice, and snow. To keep your bus running efficiently throughout the entire winter, you need a specific winter maintenance plan that prevents problems unique to the season such as rust, tire slippage, or… Read more »

How Technology Makes School Buses Safer

108148387 - little schoolgirl entering school bus with classmates while teacher standing near door

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, students are about 70 times more likely to get to school safely when traveling by school bus than traveling by car. Although school buses are the safest way to transport students, there are still improvements that can be made to make school buses even safer and more secure. Here… Read more »

School Bus Safety

In April 1939, a professor at Teachers College, Columbia University organized a conference in which established the standard color of yellow now known as National School Bus Glossy Yellow. This color was chosen because it has been scientifically proven that this particular shade of yellow is hard for other drivers to miss, thus further ensuring the safety… Read more »

A Simple and Easy-to-Read Guide To Federal School Bus Safety Regulations

Every state has their own requirements and regulations for school buses, and they can be difficult to keep up with if you are running fleets across several states. While these regulations can vary quite a bit, there are also a set of federal regulations that each bus must stand up to if it will be… Read more »

Georgia School District Shows How To Cut Down on Stop-Arm Violations

Stop-arm violations or illegal passing of school buses has become a hot issue in the industry, as several legislatures in both state and federal government have been pushing for mandatory use of externally positioned cameras which could document offenders when they put children at risk. Many school districts have already begun using the cameras to… Read more »

Common Party Bus Problems That Can Shut a Business Down

Last week, I shared a set of tips for any prospective entrepreneurs who may be considering jumping into the party bus business. It can be a lucrative endeavor and a constant source of excitement within your occupation, however the constant atmosphere of excitement and mischief also brings the potential for problems. All it takes is… Read more »

U.S. Representative Announces Upcoming School Bus Safety Legislation

America’s regulations and safety system for school buses could be looking at major changes, as U.S. Representative Bruce Braley (D-IA) has announced he intends to introduce “the most comprehensive overhaul of the nation’s school bus safety system in over 15 years.” According to Braley, the bill he has titled the School Bus Safety Act is… Read more »

How We Can Keep Improving Bus Safety

School buses are already accepted as one of the safest transportation options available, especially for young children. Still, we got that reputation with hard work and innovation, not by resting on our laurels. Frank Di Giacomo, publisher of School Bus Fleet and Vice President, bus and rail, at Bobit Business Media, recently urged us to… Read more »