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Bullying on the Bus Needs to End

Bullying on the bus is an inevitable part of growing up. Luckily if we are aware of bullying than it will be easier to handle the issue.   We are aware that a lot of bullying happens on the school bus. It is probably because the students only have one adult supervisor, and he or she… Read more »

Nevada Officers Ride School Buses To Crack Down On Illegal Passing

Illegal passing incidents have been gaining attention thanks to media coverage and the combined efforts of school districts and law enforcement to crack down on offenders. Now, Nevada Highway Patrol and Clark County School District are enacting a new program to catch drives illegally passing stopped school buses in the act. The two groups partnered… Read more »

Proposed Michigan Bill Would Crack Down On Illegal Passing Of School Buses

School districts and law enforcement agencies across the nation have been joining forces to crack down on illegal passing of school buses, but there is little evidence their efforts are reducing the number of these dangerous incidents. To make drivers take illegal passing incidents more seriously, Michigan state Sen. Curtis Hertel, Jr. introduced a bill… Read more »

FMCSA Doubles Funding For Program Training Vets To Be Bus Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is doubling down on its efforts to reintegrate veterans into the civilian workforce by providing $2.3 million in grants to 13 technical and community colleges across the country to help train veterans to be truck and bus drivers. The money will be given to schools nationwide who provide… Read more »

PA Supreme Court Rules Districts Must Bus Students To Multiple Homes

A Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling earlier this month mandates the school districts must transport students to and from the respective homes of both parents if they are separated and sharing custody. In Watts v. Manheim Central School District, Timothy L. Watts, parent of a student at Manheim Township Middle School identified as “CW”, shares equally… Read more »

‘Bus Don’t Move’ Parody Video Helps Kids Learn School Bus Safety

This week marks the start of school for many schools around the country, and that means buses will be hitting the roads as well. To keep young students safe when riding the bus, it is important to teach them the importance of school bus safety and the rules they should follow to avoid getting injured…. Read more »

Proposed Funding Cuts May Fuel Driver Shortage In NC District

School bus driver shortages are a problem facing the entire nation, but they show no signs of slowing in the face of continued funding cuts for education. One such proposed cut in North Carolina could turn existing driver shortage issues into a crisis for some districts. A proposed state funding cut of up to 50%… Read more »

TRP Announces New School Bus Seat Foam Products

TRP has announced it is expanding its services to include selling aftermarket school bus seat foam, along with its existing school bus seat cover products. The Renton, Washington division of Paccar said TRP bus seat foam meets all requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) for vehicle seating and comes in standard and specialty… Read more »

First Student and National Safety Council Promote School Bus Safety With Tour

First Student and the National Safety Council are joining forces to promote safe school bus behavior with the nationwide Safety Dog Bus Tour. “First Student and the National Safety Council share a common mission to serve as advocates for making the world safer, working to keep safety always front of mind for our employees and… Read more »