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Vans are the perfect fit for jobs that require smaller, more efficient vehicles.  At American Bus Sales, we offer new vans for sale from Ford, Dodge, and Mercedes.  We also offer several makes and models of used vans for sale.  Vans are comfortable, convenient, maneuverable, and easily configurable for use in many roles.  Standard configurations include cargo, crew, and passenger vans.  Other common uses include transit, shuttle, and ADA-compliant vans.

Do you need to move equipment for your band, hospice care, or landscaping company?  Are you delivering packages, flowers, or food in congested traffic? A cargo van may be the perfect vehicle for you, and with a custom wrap or graphics we can turn it into a rolling advertisement for your business.  Do you have a crew of oil field, healthcare, or agricultural employees to transport?  If so, a crew configuration might be just what you need.  Are you shuttling tourists or adventure seekers through the countryside?  Or maybe you are just looking for an ultra-custom camper or luxurious daily transportation for your family.  Either way, you can carry up to 15 passengers safely, comfortably, and in style with an up-fitted van designed to fit your lifestyle.

Our dedicated sales staff is here to help you find the right van, and our service center can customize it to fit your specific needs.  In addition, we offer warranties and nation-wide delivery on everything we sell.  We also purchase, rent, and lease vans.  If you are looking for something a little larger, check out our complete line of shuttle buses and coach buses for sale.  Contact us today about any of your commercial vehicle needs at 1-866-574-9970.

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