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What Do You Need to Know About School Bus Conversions (Skoolies)?

Converting a used school bus

Once a school bus is taken off the road, it doesn’t mean that it’s no longer useful. There are plenty of uses for retired school buses. Nowadays, school buses are being renovated into mobile homes and restaurants. When a bus is given a creative new purpose, it is referred to as a “skoolie”.  When people… Read more »

6 Tips for Converting a Used School Bus for Use as a Home or RV.

School Bus Conversions

Today, tiny houses are all the rage. If you’re looking into building a tiny house or your own RV, a used bus might be a good starting point.  Used school buses have been safely turned into custom homes that you can take on the road with your friends and family. School buses are a creative… Read more »

What Happens After “Retirement” For Used Buses?

When you purchase a new bus, it is expected to last around 12 years – so long as it is maintained properly. Then, these buses are “retired”. But what does retirement mean for buses and coaches? Sure, some of these buses have reached their breaking point and are put out to pasture (often literally), but… Read more »

Couple Turns Used School Bus Into The ‘House Bus’

When most people imagine living in a used school bus, they imagine cramped quarters and limited utilities. That doesn’t have to be the case. Julie and Andrew Puckett are a couple who live happily on their converted used school bus in Atlanta, Georgia. Unlike what you might expect, their bus is furnished with just about… Read more »

Arizona District Brings Healthy Meals To Students Using A Converted School Bus

In the past, I’ve highlighted a few districts who use converted school buses to help feed children during the summer, and it appears the trend is catching on. Roosevelt School District in Arizona recently launched their own summer meal program using a converted school bus donated by the district’s transportation department. Operations Specialist for Roosevelt… Read more »

Looks Can Be Deceiving With This Converted School Bus

When a school bus breaks down, it usually goes to a junkyard to gradually be used for parts and scrap until it is unrecognizable from the original vehicle. But, sometimes they get a chance at another life. Some school buses manage to make it to auction, and if they are lucky they are bought by… Read more »

Watch This School Bus Be Converted Into A Food Truck

  Food trucks are increasingly popular, popping up in cities across the nation. While many using simple trucks outfitted to cook and serve food, some mobile restaurants opt for something a little more unique such as vintage trailers or converted school buses. But how exactly does a small school bus go from the extremely safe… Read more »

School Bus Turned Pirate Ship Hits The Seas of Pittsburgh

I’ve seen school buses turned into all manner of things ranging from cabins to produce shops, but until now I never thought I would ever see a school bus converted into a ship. Ok, the pirate ship may not be quite seaworthy, but Pirate Adventures of Pittsburgh has turned their former school bus into the… Read more »

Is Living In a Converted School Bus Right For You?

Who hasn’t dreamed of packing up their belongings and letting the open road lead them someplace new? The only problem is inevitably you have to worry about where to eat, clean yourself, and sleep. A converted school bus allows you to start your adventure without any of those worries. Converted school buses combine the freedom… Read more »

Documentary Chronicles Transformation From School Bus to Hostel

American school buses may just be the most versatile vehicle around. Sure, most buses spend their lifespan transporting students to and from school each day, but some buses go on to live another life after they are retired from standard use. This short documentary shares the tale of one such bus, which served a school… Read more »