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How You Can Turn One Church Bus Into a Full Bus Ministry

Churches are quickly becoming some of the most frequent buyers of restored shuttles and coaches for assisting in transporting their congregation to and from services, as well as taking church trips to various events in the surrounding area. But, other church leaders are thinking larger, building entire ministries that rely on using buses as not… Read more »

The Guide To Starting Your Own Party Bus Business

Plenty of people are repurposing buses of all types for their own persona use, but you can also use a bus as the cornerstone of a new business venture. Buses are especially popular for use in “food trucks” that travel the city, providing food for workers and events. But, there is another growing bus business… Read more »

Four Converted Buses You Wish You Owned

It seems like every week I stumble across more converted buses that blow my mind. I’ve featured many of these types of buses-turned-homes from school buses before, but this time I found a selection of converted ‘skoolies’ that are made of a variety of different style buses. Of course, school buses are a popular choice… Read more »

The ‘Choice Bus’ Shows Students The Consequences of Bad Decisions

Normally when we cover converted buses, the vehicles have been repurposed for a personal purpose like traveling the country or creating the ultimate tailgating vehicle. However, the Mattie C. Stewart Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the high school dropout rate, used their ‘Choice Bus’ to influence students to make positive decisions for their… Read more »

Converted Buses You Have To See To Believe

I’ve covered a few uniquely converted buses in the past. But, recently while looking into a bus repurposed into a mobile living space by architecture student Hank Butitta I found a treasure trove of buses that have been turned into entirely original vehicles that show off the personality of their owners while also keeping some… Read more »

An Architecture Student Turned an Old Bus Into a New Home

Re-purposed buses come in all shapes and styles, but they tend to have one thing in common: almost every repurposed bus looks like a Do-It-Yourself project on some level. Even the most professional ‘skoolies’ have an element to them that brings out the self-made nature of the converted bus. There’s nothing wrong with this at… Read more »

Oklahoma District Decorates Buses To Support Child Abuse Awareness Month

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month, and Woodward Public Schools is using their school bus to help raise awareness by decorating the vehicles in blue ribbons. The blue ribbon is considered the international symbol for child abuse prevention, and the Woodward Area Coalition, along with some help from the Woodward County office of the Oklahoma… Read more »

A Massachusetts Town Is Turning a Bus Into Traveling Art

School buses are known for their bright yellow color, even though some schools use buses of other colors and some private organizations choose to keep the yellow tint even though they aren’t working in pupil transportation. Even when groups do choose to paint their bus, it is rare to see anything outside of the normal;… Read more »

Turning a Bus Into a Home

You’ve most likely seen school buses repurposed for private businesses or church organizations. As more groups realize how affordable and efficient buses can be, the trend has spread and now it seems just about every church building has at least one shuttle regularly waiting outside. But, repurposing buses for this type of purpose is easy…. Read more »

Can Your Church Benefit From a Bus or Shuttle?

Buses don’t always have to be used for school and public transportation. It is becoming increasingly common for private organizations to use buses and shuttles to help transport their members for events or even everyday work. One of the most popular ways to repurpose buses is using them for church activities. A shuttle or bus… Read more »