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Extended Stop Arms May Cut Down On Illegal Passing Of School Buses

The issue of illegal passing has received increased attention in the past few years as schools and law enforcement are partnering up around the country to crack down on offenders. However, national surveys show stop arm cameras and increased enforcement are doing little to stop drivers from recklessly passing loading and unloading school buses. Thankfully,… Read more »

West Virginia Districts Test Extended Stop Arms To Prevent Illegal Passing

  While many school districts are investing in cameras used to catch and fine drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses, three West Virginia districts are trying a different approach. These districts will be temporarily installing extended stop arms they believe will help prevent illegal or dangerous passing violations. The program runs for two weeks… Read more »

New Program Helps Virginia District Catch Stop-Arm Violators

  Stop-arm passing safety has quickly become a major issue facing school transportation departments as thousands of drivers recklessly pass stopped school buses loading and unloading students. However, some school districts are instituting new programs to crack down on the vehicles putting students’ lives at risk. Arlington Public Schools in Virginia recently introduced a new… Read more »

Bus Drivers and Administrators Call for Stop-Arm Cameras After Viral Video

Dangerous and frightening stop-arm violations have been a prominent topic in school transportation this year, but one particularly harrowing video seems to have caught the attention of the entire nation. The video was taken from inside a Washington state school bus and shows as three students are very nearly hit by an SUV which speeds… Read more »

Is Your State Joining The 5th Annual National Stop Arm Violation Count?

The National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS) is kicking off the 5th Annual National Stop Arm Violation Count, and they are calling on states to participate in a nationwide tally of the number of motorists who illegally pass school buses with the stop arm extended on a daily basis. States which… Read more »

Indiana Legislator Withdraws School Bus Stop-Arm Camera Bill

Stop-arm cameras are becoming an increasingly popular tool for catching drivers who illegally pass school buses that are loading and unloading students, but Indiana legislators are backtracking on a bill which would expand the use of the cameras within the state. House Bill 1404 was scheduled for a vote on Feb. 24, but it faced… Read more »

WATCH: Rossen Reports Highlights Stop-Arm Cameras and Illegal School Bus Passing

The huge number of cars illegally passing stopped school buses and putting the lives of students in danger has been attracting attention as new technology is making it easier to catch drivers in the act. According to the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Information Services, vehicles pass stopped school buses more than 70,000… Read more »

North Carolina Officials Support State-Wide Stop-Arm Camera Plan

As awareness over stop-arm passing violations grows, states are beginning to consider the widespread adoption of stop-arm cameras to assist law enforcement in cracking down on those who break the law. North Carolina is poised to be one of the first states to mandate stop-arm cameras on school buses, so long as the attorney general… Read more »

Clearing Up The Confusion Around Stop-Arm Laws

School Bus Safety Week is close to being over, but the theme of the week will carry on through the rest of the year as stop-arm safety violations continue to be an important issue for all those who work in the bus industry. Law enforcement will also be continue to increase enforcement of stop-arm laws… Read more »

School Bus Safety Week Kicks Off With a Focus on Stop-Arm Violations

Stop-arm violations have become a major topic in the school bus industry, and others are finally starting to take notice. Today marks the start of School Bus Safety Week and rather than share the same safety tips you hear every year, two major news outlets decided to focus on those who don’t stop for buses…. Read more »