Bus Maintenance Services


At American Bus Sales, we take great pride in the expertise of our technicians.  All of our services are of the highest quality and we deliver a comprehensive range of options. Also, our staff deeply cares about the quality of service you receive. As a result, we work to ensure that every vehicle we service is mechanically sound and safe. After you purchase one of our vehicles, you want to make sure your investment keeps running reliably for as long as possible.  Certainly, regular service and maintenance will help to prolong the lifetime of your vehicle. We are invested in protecting the condition of your bus or shuttle. Consequently, we will work to ensure it remains on the road fully operational.

At American Bus Sales, we take measures to keep our reputation as a quality, full-service fleet provider. Firstly, we invest in the latest technology, along with regular staff training to make sure that we can meet your bus service needs.  Secondly, with the most recent tools available, we are able to diagnose problems and perform maintenance on any of our vehicles. Lastly, we have an extensive selection of parts, making finding the correct component easier than ever. Due to this, we are fully equipped to handle all of your servicing for your vehicle.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority

American Bus Sales offers the most customer satisfaction to our clients, backed by high-quality parts and services. Specifically, we offer new or re-manufactured parts for all of our vehicles.  Our helpful and knowledgeable staff ensures that your budgetary needs can be met.  Therefore, American Bus Sales offers a range of payment options for regular servicing and maintenance and highly competitive pricing for parts. Because of this, we are the number one choice bus and shuttle service and maintenance. We offer:

  • Experienced technicians with outstanding skills
  • Extensive inventory of parts
  • Excellent before and after sales service

Above all, we know how important it is to have your bus fully operational. Often, these vehicles are used daily for much-needed transportation. Furthermore, these vehicles compromise the livelihood of many of our clients. Finally, if you need your bus or shuttle serviced by an expert maintenance facility with years of experience, then talk to us today. We can’t wait to get you back on the road!