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Managing Your Fleet During the COVID-19 Down Time

Used School Bus Maintenance

The repercussions of COVID-19 have affected nearly every industry. While business is picking back up, and school is back in session for some, we still face some unanticipated downtime that we aren’t used to experiencing. Although most companies would rather be back up and running at full speed, try to slow down and take advantage… Read more »

Tips for Encouraging Health & Wellness for Bus Drivers

Driving a school bus is not a very labor-intensive job, but over time being seated for so long can have an impact on the driver’s body. According to Gallup, a study of 14 occupation groups ranked transportation workers as having the highest obesity rate, 36%. While this statistic can be alarming, there are ways to combat… Read more »

School Bus Maintenance Tips for the Winter Months

Winters can be extremely harsh on school buses, so it requires a specialized maintenance plan for the added strain of cold air, ice, and snow. To keep your bus running efficiently throughout the entire winter, you need a specific winter maintenance plan that prevents problems unique to the season such as rust, tire slippage, or… Read more »

Maintaining Your Used School Bus

A used school bus is an investment that can be used in a variety of ways. School buses are purchased for bus fleets, home conversions, food truck conversions, party buses, and more. Because most used buses are operated daily, it is imperative to be sure each bus is safe and roadworthy.  With proper maintenance, your… Read more »

An In-Depth Guide To Preventing School Bus Brake Problems

The average school bus faces a slew of challenges every day, such as frequent stops, rough terrain, road salts, and rural roads. These challenges also cause extreme wear and tear on all parts of the bus, especially the braking system. But, any experienced fleet manager or driver knows waiting for problems to arise is the… Read more »

EPA Gives $3 Million To Help Replace School Buses With More Eco-Friendly Models

The most common hurdle preventing schools from replacing old buses with more environmentally friendly school buses is price. School transportation budgets are tight enough as it is, so many administrators can’t justify the cost of replacing older diesel buses with newer, cleaner options. Thankfully, the EPA is helping schools across the country do just that… Read more »

School Bus Seats Have Come a Long Way in 60 Years

The school bus is widely considered the safest vehicle on the road, but it has taken decades of innovation on every aspect of the school bus to get to that point. This is true for everything ranging from windshields, paint colors, spacing, and even the seats used onboard. School bus seats don’t seem like the… Read more »

WATCH: Easy Pre-Trip Bus Inspection Guide

I’ve previously spoken about how important pre-trip inspections are for the care of any school bus. These inspections are so important, they are included as a part of testing for CDL licenses throughout the country and most fleets mandate a daily inspection as part of daily work. However, if you’re just starting to consider purchasing… Read more »

WATCH: MotorWeek Highlights Solar Charged School Bus

A recent episode of public television program MotorWeek highlighted Gilroy Unified School District from California and their effort to make their buses more eco-friendly. The district worked with Adomani Inc. to convert a diesel bus to electric and to install solar panels to help charge the bus. You can see the segment below.