5 Ways that Technology has Changed Student Transportation

It’s no surprise that technology has changed drastically over the past few years. It has impacted our lives and the way that we work in almost every way. With the advancement of technology, our commutes have become quicker and safer than ever before!

Although we’ve seen technology advance greatly in areas like the classroom, our offices, and mobile devices, one of the areas that have been significantly impacted by the advancement in technology has been school transportation.

Here are some of the ways school bus technology has created a safer and more efficient means of transportation for your child:

Installing School Bus Technology in Your Fleet

You Can Easily Track Students

For parents, sending your child on the bus alone is often a nerve-wracking experience. However, now school buses come fully equipped with the right technology to track students easily. Some school districts use an ID tracking system to track every time a student exits or enters a school bus. When a child uses an ID paired with GPS technology, you can better monitor their location in real-time.

Security cameras also help keep track of students. Some districts have security cameras that integrate with smartphone applications so that parents can view live footage of their child on the bus. Both tools increase safety and help give parents, teachers, and school districts a peace of mind knowing that they have an efficient way to keep track of their students.

Wi-Fi on School Buses

Nowadays, many classrooms are interactive or completely online. Some school districts even provide students with tablets and laptops to bring home to help complete assignments. With more school systems adding wi-fi to their fleet, students have the ability to work on their assignments even if they don’t have internet at home.

Stop-Arm Cameras

One of the biggest safety concerns that school buses encounter is when other drivers on the road ignore school bus stop-arms, and continue to pass illegally. When a car illegally passes a stopped bus, it poses a huge safety risk for children as they’re getting on to and off of the bus.

One solution that was developed for this issue was to install stop-arm cameras. If a vehicle passes a bus with a stop-arm out, the camera will take a photo of the license plate. Then, law enforcement can locate and fine the driver.

Planning School Transportation

Before the advancement of technology, route planning was a frustrating and tedious task. Now with the right technology, you can optimize your bus routes easily. Using GPS technology, you can navigate the shortest, safest, and most efficient routes for your school buses. This could possibly add up to a huge savings of time, fuel, and money for your fleet!

The overall advancements of technology have allowed drivers to find the fastest and safest routes for your child!

GPS Systems Help with Emergency Management

If there is an emergency such as an accident or natural calamity, your GPS can help. Before technology, it was much more difficult to navigate vehicles in emergencies. They were unable to find the real-time locations of the bus. Now, when you use a GPS, your school authorities will be able to track down your emergency’s location almost instantly.

Installing New Technology in Your Fleet

At American Bus Sales, we sell and install a wide variety of different technology features for your fleet of school buses. We want to help make your morning and afternoon commute a safer and more enjoyable experience.

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