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School Bus Safety

In April 1939, a professor at Teachers College, Columbia University organized a conference in which established the standard color of yellow now known as National School Bus Glossy Yellow. This color was chosen because it has been scientifically proven that this particular shade of yellow is hard for other drivers to miss, thus further ensuring the safety… Read more »

The Seven Different School Bus Types

You have undoubtedly noticed that school buses don’t always look alike. Some are shorter than others, some have flat fronts, and others look questionably like a van masquerading as a bus. The only thing they all seemingly share is the classic yellow that we all know and love, and even then the paint jobs can… Read more »

The ‘Choice Bus’ Shows Students The Consequences of Bad Decisions

Normally when we cover converted buses, the vehicles have been repurposed for a personal purpose like traveling the country or creating the ultimate tailgating vehicle. However, the Mattie C. Stewart Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the high school dropout rate, used their ‘Choice Bus’ to influence students to make positive decisions for their… Read more »

How to Start a Bus Business in Your Community

Large school districts have massive fleets of buses which are used to transport children to and from school everyday, but often there are few to no options for the students who attend small districts with tight budgets. These buses are essential to the education of children with parents unable to bring their children to school…. Read more »

The Cool Reason School Bus Roofs Are White

Last week I answered the age old question “why are school buses yellow?” But, some people out there may have noted that many school buses in North America are not uniformly golden-yellow. While nearly every public school bus in America is the same classic color in most places, a large number of buses being manufactured… Read more »

Why Are School Buses Yellow?

Throughout the vast majority of America the school bus is considered one of the most easily recognizable vehicles, along with ambulances and fire trucks. While school buses do have some flashing lights, they don’t compare with the brilliant light show that emergency vehicles are known for. Instead, school buses are known for a few things:… Read more »

Oklahoma District Decorates Buses To Support Child Abuse Awareness Month

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month, and Woodward Public Schools is using their school bus to help raise awareness by decorating the vehicles in blue ribbons. The blue ribbon is considered the international symbol for child abuse prevention, and the Woodward Area Coalition, along with some help from the Woodward County office of the Oklahoma… Read more »

Thomas Built Buses Partner With Zonar Systems

I think we all know that it won’t be too many years before just about every vehicle on the road – including buses – come equipped with GPS and other sorts of electronic telematics systems, but who would have thought it would be so soon. Thomas Built Buses has announced a partnership with Zonar Systems… Read more »

Tennessee Legislature Extends School Bus Age and Mileage Regulations

Schools are constantly on the lookout for new buses, as regulations frequently require school buses to be retired once they have reached a certain age or mileage limit. The regulations vary from state to state, and frequently reliable buses have to be sold off or retired simply because of statutes and limitations. Tennessee lawmakers recently… Read more »