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School Bus Safety

In April 1939, a professor at Teachers College, Columbia University organized a conference in which established the standard color of yellow now known as National School Bus Glossy Yellow. This color was chosen because it has been scientifically proven that this particular shade of yellow is hard for other drivers to miss, thus further ensuring the safety… Read more »

School Buses In Freezing Temperatures

Schools all over the country, even some areas in the South have experience a bit of an Arctic blast this new year. Many schools have canceled classes due to snow, ice and even extremely cold temperatures. A lot of parents depend on the bus to get their children safely to and from school each day,… Read more »

Why Schools Need to Have Buses

Schools have been using buses to transport kids to school from outside a walking distance since 1886. Since then the school bus has been used to pick up students from a wide proximity and bring them to their school! Although recently more school administrators are reducing or eliminating bus service to balance budgets. Exactly how… Read more »

Bus Fun Facts

Buses have been around for a long time and changed a lot over the course of the years. Science For Kids gathered some great fun facts about buses. The History of the Bus Buses have been around for quite some time. They have come a long way since their introduction. Check out the history of the… Read more »

NGVI Offers Natural Gas Vehicle E-Learning Course

The Natural Gas vehicle Institute (NGVI) is making it easier for natural gas vehicle (NGV) technicians to access ASE-accredited courses by releasing its NGV Technician and Fleet Operations Safety Training as an e-learning option. The course, which was designed specifically for NGV technicians and fleet or dealership operations personnel, is now available through an interactive… Read more »

The Book Bus Brings PA Children Books For Summer

School may be out, but a bus traveling around a Pennsylvania community is making sure local children are not without learning opportunities. The Book Bus is giving books to the children of West Allegheny School District’s younger students. The bus is the result of a collaborative project between the school district, the Western Allegheny Community… Read more »

How To Spread The Word About Your Fleet’s Accomplishments

Every day, school bus drivers and members of the student transportation industry are doing great things, and I don’t just mean delivering students home safe and sound. Lives are saved, service milestones are reached, and new safety programs are launched that deserve recognition that they rarely get. It is always easy to get coverage from mainstream… Read more »

Schools Use Repurposed School Buses To Bring Summer Meals To Students

  Across the nation, approximately 21 million students eat free or reduced-price meals throughout the school year, but when the school year ends only a small fraction of those children make it to schools or community centers for summer meals. Thankfully, that is starting to change with the help of some craftily repurposed school buses…. Read more »

New Proposed Standards For School Buses Would Cut Pollution, Fuel Costs

Two federal agencies are jointly proposing a new set of standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles (including school buses) aimed at increasing fuel efficiency and decrease pollution. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) collaborated on the standards so that they can effectively decrease the impact large vehicles… Read more »