Is This Technology in Your Fleet? If Not, Consider an Upgrade! 

With all of the technology available for fleets today, it can be overwhelming to decide what you need for your operations. Most fleets already have a management software solution, but there are plenty of other add-ons available to improve your operations.

Before choosing any technologies to invest in, let’s take a look at a few that have proven to improve fleet operations:

Technology for School Buses

Adding a GPS Tracking System to Your Fleet

One of the best ways to help you get to where you’re going is by adding a GPS to your fleet. With a GPS, you can improve your productivity while lowering your fuel costs and preventing distracted driving behaviors. Your GPS will help you get to your destination quickly and safely.

Install Forward-Looking Camera Systems

Vehicle cameras are a great safety feature that is constantly changing. Each year it seems that your dashcam videos have been getting better in quality. Many fleets like to include vehicle video systems in their buses because they help defend the driver in the case of a collision. Every move can be tracked using a forward camera system, so if your fleet gets involved in an accident, it will be captured on camera.

Mobile Technology and Applications

Because mobile technology and cellphone apps play a significant role in our lives today, you can expect to see them playing a significant role in the future of fleets. Nowadays, more drivers have been using mobile devices and tablets, as opposed to a binder full of papers, to help them complete their tasks more efficiently. Certain apps can assist drivers with planning routes, marking attendance, and helping drivers perform multiple takes with minimum disturbance.

Driver Tablets

In the past, school bus drivers would typically use printed out directions, and binders filled with everything they need to know about their students. Now, to help drivers increase accountability, safety, and efficiency, drivers are using in-vehicle tablets. The tablets will help drivers keep track of their daily tasks, while effectively communicating with their dispatch with information on what’s happening on the road. Believe it or not, these tablets help drivers become less distracted because now everything is in one place, and not in a stack of papers within a binder.

Adding Student Wifi to Your Fleet

Students spend a lot of their time on the bus for their morning and afternoon commute. With wifi playing a crucial role in everyone’s life, students should be able to access it during their commutes to get a head start on assignments during their long commutes.

Drivers can even use filters to make sure students are using the internet safely and not using this time for entertainment or gaming purposes.

Motion Detectors on Buses

No bus driver ever wants to have a child left behind on their bus. While there are plenty of safety features that prevent this problem from happening, it never hurts to have a system in place to ensure maximum safety.

Now, technology can help assist drivers by using motion detectors to detect any movement in a vehicle. It can pick up on even the slightest of movements, including heartbeat or breathing.

If the device detects a child on the bus after it has been parked, it will immediately alert the driver and operator of the fleet so that they can attend to the matters as quickly as possible.

Installing Technology into Your Fleet

At American Bus Sales, we sell and install many technology features for your fleet of school buses. Our goal is to make your drive safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable experience. Check out our available technology and give us a call at 866-574-9970 today with any questions!