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The Impact That School Bus Drivers Have on Their Students

When you send your child off to school, you trust that they’re in great hands. After the teacher, your child’s bus driver plays the next most important role in a student’s life. The job of a school bus driver revolves around the students. It’s their responsibility to ensure that your child has a safe and… Read more »

The Quick Guide To Getting The Right Used School Bus For You

Buying a used school bus can be a frightening process, especially if you’ve never bought one before. There are several advantages to purchasing a pre-owned bus, but there are seemingly endless things to consider to ensure you get the right bus for your needs, whether you hope to add the school bus to your fleet… Read more »

A Mom Catches a Scary Stop-Arm Violation on Camera

The more data that is collected on stop-arm violations across the country, the more clear the widespread nature of the problem is. Several studies have shown that drivers failing to stop when the bus stop-arm is extended are reaching epidemic proportions, but improved technology and increased enforcement of the laws are helping to cut down… Read more »

Susan Hamre Offers Tips For Improving School Bus Transportation For Students With Autism

Susan Hamre, a speech pathologist at the Giant Steps autism organization located near Chicago, spoke on Tuesday at School Transportation News’ EXPO to offer insight that could greatly improve the transportation quality of special needs passengers. Hamre has worked with individuals with autism for decades and now runs her own private practice in New Mexico… Read more »