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Propane Buses a Growing Trend In America’s Schools

Over the past couple of years, a shift in the school bus industry has started and appears to be slowly sweeping the field. As budgets for school transportation shrink and emissions standards become more and more strict, many of the top school bus markets in the country are turning to propane-fueled buses and other alternative… Read more »

Merger Joins Two Propane Bus Engine Suppliers

A new deal announced last week will bring two suppliers of propane engines for school buses together. Power Solutions International Inc., which provides an 8.8-liter engine for IC Bus’ new propane CE Series school bus, agreed to purchase Powertrain Integration (PI), which supplies an 8.0-liter V8 engine for Thomas Built Buses’ propane C2 school bus,… Read more »

Florida School District Goes Green With Biodiesel

Today is St. Patrick’s Day so it is no surprise everyone is wearing green, but one Florida school district is going green year-round. Orange County Public Schools’ entire school bus fleet is now running on biodiesel, greatly reducing the district’s use of traditional diesel. The district’s fleet includes 1,274 buses which are powered by B20,… Read more »

Propane Fuel Is Still The Cheapest Option, Despite Low Gas Prices

Gas prices plummeted across North America this year. The prices for gasoline and diesel are both at their lowest point since 2009, which translates to considerable savings at the pump. The recent slump in prices has also caused some to rethink their position on alternative-fuel vehicles, as low fuel costs on diesel are expected to… Read more »

WATCH: MotorWeek Highlights Solar Charged School Bus

A recent episode of public television program MotorWeek highlighted Gilroy Unified School District from California and their effort to make their buses more eco-friendly. The district worked with Adomani Inc. to convert a diesel bus to electric and to install solar panels to help charge the bus. You can see the segment below.

Case Study Shows Propane Buses Run Reliably In Cold Weather

While many schools across the country are incorporating propane-fueled buses in their fleets, but schools in northern portions of the US may be nervous about how the fuel performs in cold weather. Well, Bend-La Pine Schools in Oregon have good news: propane buses run reliably in cold weather and still show reduced fuel costs. School… Read more »

Diesel Prices Are The Lowest In Over 2 Years

One of the highest expenses for school bus fleets is the cost of fuel, but School Bus Fleet reports diesel prices are at their lowest point in 2 years and may continue to drop. The average on-highway price for diesel in the U.S. has dropped to $3.801 per gallon as of this morning, according to… Read more »