6 Great Benefits of Installing a Camera System into Your Fleet

School buses and shuttle buses always have a constant flow of passengers. A bus driver can only monitor so much while they focus on the road ahead. Nowadays, you’ll find more and more fleets installing camera systems into their school buses and shuttles.

Many benefits come with installing a camera system into your fleet. Besides providing the drivers and passengers with extra security, it can also monitor behaviors and increase bus safety.

Let’s look a little more closely at some of the amazing benefits of adding a camera system into your bus or shuttle:

Camera Systems for School Buses

Driver Protection

Bus drivers trust that their passengers will act appropriately while riding the bus. However, sometimes things can get out of hand. That’s where your security camera comes in! By having a security camera on your bus, you can monitor any inappropriate or aggressive behavior on the bus.

Your security camera will help investigate any unacceptable behavior, and it will be permanently documented in case you need to look back on it.

Ensures Student Safety

Because security cameras help monitor students, the drivers, and other staff on the bus, your school district can ensure maximum safety. Your camera will always be running from the minute the student enters the bus until they’re back home.

Notifying students that the bus has a camera system will also help discourage bullying or inappropriate behaviors. When students are aware that their actions are being monitored, they will be discouraged from acting inappropriately for fear of being punished.

Ensures Safety When Crossing

Now, many fleets are also placing cameras on the stop-arm of their bus. Having a stop-arm camera will help capture any stop-arm violations. It will also document key details like the date, time, location, and license plate number of the vehicle. All these details will help law enforcement review the incident.

Drivers who don’t follow these rules will receive tickets for which they are responsible for paying very heavy fines.

Monitor Driver Behavior

Not only will your video systems monitor your passenger’s behavior, but it will also monitor your driver’s behavior. Although it’s rare, there are times where drivers can get involved in issues such as impulsive driving, improper behavior, violating traffic laws, or frequently running behind schedule.

Being recorded on a surveillance system will help to ensure that your drivers are more careful about driving, and that their job responsibilities remain a priority.

Camera Systems Help Track When Students Board and Exit the Bus

In the rare event that a school official gets a call from a parent who is missing their child, your school bus will be able to provide clear evidence to help determine the child’s whereabouts. Your school bus camera system will track when and where a student is picked up and dropped off.

Helps Prevent Theft on the Bus

The presence of a security camera will also help to prevent theft between passengers on the bus, and to deter any other destruction or violence. In the case of an incident breaking out, the monitors can help alert local authorities if needed.

Installing Camera Systems to Your Fleet

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