School Bus Maintenance Tips for the Winter Months

Winters can be extremely harsh on school buses, so it requires a specialized maintenance plan for the added strain of cold air, ice, and snow. To keep your bus running efficiently throughout the entire winter, you need a specific winter maintenance plan that prevents problems unique to the season such as rust, tire slippage, or engine problems.

While it is always best to have your bus maintenance plan in place ahead of time, it is never too late to get started.

Here are a few tips to help maintain your bus throughout the bitter cold of the winter season:

  • Keep all lights, mirrors, gauges, exhaust, suspension, emergency accessories, etc., operational. A driver should not start a route if a bus problem is detected.
  • Replace any slick tires in order to maintain good traction, especially for winter driving.
  • Install new wiper blades if needed and check washer fluid levels.
  • Check the heater and the defroster unit for efficient operation.
  • Inspect the engine compartment for cracked water hoses, frayed belts, leaking water pump or radiator, etc. Replace or repair as needed to prevent potential problems.
  • Check the weather-stripping around the emergency door to prevent exhaust fumes from entering the bus.
  • Replace broken or cracked window glass and check to see that all windows close securely to protect passengers from the rain and cold.
  • Inspect fuel systems for leaks, cracked lines, loose mounting brackets, etc.
  • Check the cooling system regularly. Do not neglect this system.
  • Keep a timely record of service, repairs, or inspections done on each bus.

With these tips, you can ensure that your fleet is running efficiently throughout the season. American Bus Sales is one of the nation’s leading pre-owned school bus sales companies. Dedicated to quality and safety, American Bus Sales sells a variety of buses to suit a wide range of transit needs., American Bus Sales also specializes in maintaining used school buses. Visit our service page or call our service department at 1-866-574-9970 ext. 102 to schedule a service or maintenance check for your bus!