What Is The Right Type Of Bus For You?

All buses are not created equal. There are many different types of buses available that have their own strong points and weaknesses. The key to finding the perfect bus for you or your group is knowing what kind of bus suits your organization or fleet’s travel needs.

This guide will help you get a feel for what each of the major types of buses are best suited for and what will be the best choice for your fleet or group.

Charter Bus / Deluxe Motor Coach


The motor coach goes by many names including tour bus and charter bus. They are usually recognizable for their large size and sleek exterior and are the perfect travel solution for group charters, long-distance transportation, and large group shuttles. These tend to include ample storage space so passengers can ride in comfort and can typically carry 42-61 passengers, making them the best choice for large groups.

Since these coaches tend to be for longer trips, it is not uncommon for them to come equipped with more luxury features such as TV/DVD players, comfortable and spacious seating, and an onboard restroom.

Mini Bus


Minibusses or shuttles are the exact type of bus you are looking for if you plan on taking short trips with a relatively small group. Usually sitting 14-38 passengers, minibusses are the bus of choice for many church groups, wedding events, corporate outings, and hotel transportation.

Most minibusses offer the comfortable seating you can expect from deluxe motor coaches, but in a more cost-effective package which makes it a better choice for smaller groups and growing businesses.

School Bus

School buses are recognizable for versatility and safety. The classic yellow school buses come in a wide range of sizes and are equipped with extra safety features to keep your passengers safe. They are best suited to provide economical solutions for local group travel and school district transportation.

School buses may not feature the luxury or comfort of motor coaches and minibusses, but they provide reliable and economic travel solutions for medium to large groups who need regular transportation over relatively small distances such as church groups.

Party Bus / Trolley


Are we looking to have a great night out or provide transportation to people on the most exciting days of their lives? Party buses and trolleys are what you need. Party buses and trolleys can offer everything passengers could want to have a wild time, including alcohol for passengers who are of age, custom seating, and neon lights. That makes them the perfect choice for weddings, graduation parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, or just a fun night in the city.

Which Is Right For You?

These are just a few of the most common types of buses we offer. The key to finding out what model of bus is perfect for you is knowing how you plan to use the vehicle before you buy and how many people you will be transporting. If you can tell us the answers to these questions, we can find you the perfect bus, coach, or shuttle you need.