School Buses In Freezing Temperatures

Schools all over the country, even some areas in the South have experience a bit of an Arctic blast this new year. Many schools have canceled classes due to snow, ice and even extremely cold temperatures. A lot of parents depend on the bus to get their children safely to and from school each day, but the thought of little ones waiting out at cold, blustery bus stops leaves a lot of concern for parents and school administrators.

Most districts have implemented a policy of starting the buses up to an hour early each morning, to ensure they are working properly. Bus drivers are encouraged to get an earlier start to their routes and take it slow. Many school districts are asking bus drivers to wait longer at stops so that children can wait inside a house or car and come out once the bus has arrived. School districts are allowing later starts for those who are coming in on a bus and opening their doors early to those who need to be dropped off earlier.

School buses have always been a safe and effective way to transport our nation’s school children and this is no exception during the cold and dark winter months. It often takes a bit more preparation and attention to make sure buses are fueled and warmed up. Most districts often have back up buses running to help if there is a break down and mechanics on hand to fix any sudden issues.

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