Staying Entertained on Long Bus Ride

Whether its riding the bus to school, to church camp, or to a tournament it is helpful to have some activities planned. Staying entertained will keep the atmosphere fun and make everyone excited for their destination!

Alphabet Search: In this game you are looking for actual objects or physical entities that begin with the letter you are “on.” This is much more challenging than it seems, because most people tend not to see visually and think in terms of words simultaneously. So for example you would look out the window and call out something you see that begins with the letter “a”. Then go from there!

The Green Glass Door:
Tell your friends that there is something called the green glass door, and only certain objects (and possibly actions) are allowed inside of it. Give them a few examples like these: you can have a hammer but no nails; you can have a spoon but no fork; trees but no leaves; apples but no oranges; moon but no sun; glasses but no eyes; feet but no toes; etc. Try to get the players to come up with objects that go inside and respond with “yes” or “no.” (The secret rule is that only words with a double letter are allowed.) If they don’t understand the pattern at all and are terribly frustrated, you can give them a hint along the lines of “look at the letters,” or “what do ‘green,’ ‘glass,’ and ‘room’ have in common?” This game will keep people entertained for a long time.


MASH is a game used to predict a person’s future. One player tells the other’s fortune. The fortune teller starts by writing out possible outcomes. Starting with MASH (mansion, apartment, shack, house), and usually making categories such as spouse, career, spouse’s career, car, pet, and number of children. The possible options are normally a mixture of good, bad, and average. The magic number is derived by the teller making tally marks and the person saying when to stop. The magic number is used to eliminate choices until left with one answer per category. For example, if the number is 4, the teller counts M(1), A(2), S(3), and H(4). House is no longer an option. Continue using the magic number, skipping crossed out options and finished categories.

Name that Tune:

This is a great game that sparks competition and fun. Using a radio, tune through the stations and have your passengers try to guess they name of the song playing. The winner is the person who guesses the most songs at the end of the game. If you want to make it more challenging you can include naming the artist as well as the song.

20 Questions:

This is a game that never gets old and is always different. The first player has to ask 20 yes or no questions to try to guess the object the next person in line is thinking of. If they are able to guess, they continue on. If they are unable to guess, they are out and the second person must guess the next persons object that is in line. The winner is the last person remaining in the game.


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