Why Schools Need to Have Buses

Schools have been using buses to transport kids to school from outside a walking distance since 1886. Since then the school bus has been used to pick up students from a wide proximity and bring them to their school! Although recently more school administrators are reducing or eliminating bus service to balance budgets. Exactly how those cuts would affect their community deserves a closer look. Studies indicate the significant toll that removing bus service could have on students, families, and communities. It would affecting schools and the world in terms of attendance, traffic, pollution, and convenience.

First and foremost, the reason we have buses in the first place is so parents and kids can make it to their obligations on time. Not all adults can take off work to drop their child at school every day. It is also important that kids make it to their classes on time. A school bus allows kids to get to school safely, with friends, and on time every single day. Similarly, school ends during a normal work day, therefore parents cannot always pick their child up either.

A school bus saves your school from excess traffic, the pickup and drop off lines can get horribly long. Riding a bus lets you and your child skip all of that. This also means that riding the bus will cut CO2 emissions as well. Less cars on the street, less gas being let into the atmosphere.

Riding the bus to school every day will teach children time management. Making sure that they wake up in the morning, get ready for their day, have all their materials and make it on the bus on time. This way kids grow up to become responsible for themselves. It will help them to get on a time schedule because the bus comes at the same time every day.

Lastly, a school bus is the safest way to get to school! Sending your child on a bus means a short walk to the bus and back and being in a large vehicle all the way to the school and back.  Ensuring safety for your child and peace for you!