A Smartphone App Helps Parents Keep Track Of Their Child’s Bus

A Smartphone App Helps Parents Keep Track Of Their Child’s Bus

A new smartphone app may help many parents feel a little more reassured when their children get on the bus each day as Student Transportation Inc. rolled out SchoolWheels SafeStop.


The app makes it possible for parents and schools across the nation to securely find the exact location of vehicles on their way to or from school and updates in real time with information about stop and arrival times. It can also send notifications when a student has boarded or exited the bus.

Buses are displayed on a detailed map which pinpoints its current location along with the child’s stop, so parents can monitor the bus at any point along its route and be aware of any delays or problems.

STI’s Technology and Innovation Group developed the app in 2013 and tested it in Brevard County, Florida last school year.

For now the app is limited to parents and school in select districts in Florida, South Carolina, California, and Illinois, but they hope to expand. SchoolWheels SafeStop is accessible from any device that can go online, including smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers, and is available for both Apple and Android devices.

“The school bus arrival time guessing game will end for busy parents using our app as we continue to roll out our mobile platform across North America,” said Keith Engelbert, STI chief technology officer. “We developed this app to meet the needs of parents, students and school staff who value the security of knowing their child is transported safely to and from school every day. SafeStop provides a level of safety and security that gives parents peace of mind.

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