Why You Need a Custom Bus

No matter what you think a bus is actually created for, we will make it the custom bus you need. For the paintwork, we use a state of the art paint booth which achieves visually attractive results. We will add luxury features and comfortable amenities to make your bus fit your style. Whether its interior… Read more »

Bus Fun Facts

Buses have been around for a long time and changed a lot over the course of the years. Science For Kids gathered some great fun facts about buses. The History of the Bus Buses have been around for quite some time. They have come a long way since their introduction. Check out the history of the… Read more »

How To Purchase a Used Bus With Confidence

Purchasing a bus or coach for your small group, school, hotel, or fleet is a huge investment, and to an extent, you get what you pay for. But, many don’t realize you can still get a vehicle that will provide reliable transportation on a tight budget by buying used. In fact, it may even be… Read more »

3 Reasons Your Congregation Needs a Church Bus

Church communities do a lot more than worship together. They bring people together for both religious and fun activities, not to mention missionary and humanitarian work throughout their community. However, the larger and more active your church community is, the more likely you are to need a church bus or shuttle to transport your congregation…. Read more »

What Is The Right Type Of Bus For You?

All buses are not created equal. There are many different types of buses available that have their own strong points and weaknesses. The key to finding the perfect bus for you or your group is knowing what kind of bus suits your organization or fleet’s travel needs. This guide will help you get a feel… Read more »

How To Find The Right Size Bus For Your Group

There’s no escaping it. Buying a bus is a big investment. Making sure you get the right size bus for your organization is one of the most important steps you can take to make sure you get the best value for your dollar. You don’t want to leave members of your organization waiting on the… Read more »

Understanding Your Bus Financing Options

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Buses are an important part of transportation for countless people around the world. Beyond schools and contractors which use buses as a part of everyday business, buses and coaches are also essential for thousands of churches and other smaller organizations. But, buying a bus isn’t always possible in a world with ever-tightening budgets. With deep… Read more »

Why Leasing May Be The Best Option For You

Buses of all kinds are expensive, especially when bought new. Whether you are looking to grow your fleet or purchase a single bus for private use, it can often be difficult to get a fully equipped bus fresh off the lot without blowing your budget. That doesn’t mean you can’t get the bus you need…. Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying A Used Bus

Why buy pre-owned? When most people come to us, the first question they ask is why they should buy a pre-owned bus instead of a new bus. The most obvious answer is the cost, but there are actually several reasons a used bus. Yes, used school buses are more affordable than expensive new buses in… Read more »

What Happens After “Retirement” For Used Buses?

When you purchase a new bus, it is expected to last around 12 years – so long as it is maintained properly. Then, these buses are “retired”. But what does retirement mean for buses and coaches? Sure, some of these buses have reached their breaking point and are put out to pasture (often literally), but… Read more »