Why You Should Offer Shuttle Bus Services to Your Staff

To help ease the commute for their employees, companies are offering shuttle service options. Some companies will go as far as offering a shuttle that picks employees up from transit hubs, to shorten their walk to work. Others will shuttle their employees from designated pick up points to and from work. Providing a shuttle service is not only easy and convenient for your employees, but offers many more benefits.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why purchasing a shuttle bus is highly beneficial for your company! 

Shuttle Buses for Businesses

A Shuttle Bus Service Will Help Reduce Morning and Afternoon Stress

Whether you’re traveling in a city, or a suburban area, commuting to work can be stressful. When you don’t have to worry about transportation, you will have more time to prepare for your day. When you’re on the shuttle, you’ll have plenty of time to review meeting notes, check your emails, or take a few extra moments to relax before starting your day. Having employees who are less stressed, and in better moods, will lead to positive outcomes. 

Providing a Shuttle Service Can Attract and Keep Great Employees 

Happy employees reduce the amount of turnover in your company. Providing a shuttle service for your employees is a great way to make them feel appreciated, relaxed, and cared for. Also, when they ride on the shuttle, they’ll be able to meet new people and make valuable connections with other co-workers that will lead them to feel connected to their work. 

Increase Punctuality in the Workplace 

When you encourage employees to use the shuttle services, you will not only begin to see an increase in workplace satisfaction, but you will also start to see an improvement in punctuality. Providing a shuttle will help get your employees into work on time and so they are ready to start their day. 

Shuttles are Environmentally Friendly 

If you’re interested in reducing your company’s carbon footprint, offering shuttle services can help you do that! By providing a shuttle service, it encourages employees to leave their cars at home and participate in ride-sharing. Reducing the number of vehicles on the road is better for the environment because it promotes cleaner air, and it helps conserve non-renewable energy sources. Plus, by providing these services for your team, you can encourage other companies to do the same and help raise awareness of saving our environment.  

Your Company Can Save You Money

If you’re considering paying for your employee’s mileage or building a parking garage, you should reconsider your decisions to move forward. Offering shuttle services for your employees can save you more money and have the same positive impact on your employees as paying for mileage or building a parking garage. When you provide a shuttle service, your employees won’t have to worry about things like parking, exceeding their mileage, or even purchasing gas.

Plus, your company can even qualify for tax credits since you are offering a company-wide commuter program! 

Shuttle Buses Are The Perfect Size 

Shuttle buses are made with comfort in mind. On average, most shuttle buses can comfortably seat 22-28 passengers. When choosing your shuttle you will find that there are a wide variety to choose from, including options with luggage racks, extra storage compartments, handicap accessibility, and other customizable features. When you order your shuttle from a professional bus sale company, they will make sure you are paired with a shuttle that fits your company’s needs. 

Purchasing a Shuttle Bus in Oklahoma 

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