What Do You Need to Know About School Bus Conversions (Skoolies)?

Once a school bus is taken off the road, it doesn’t mean that it’s no longer useful. There are plenty of uses for retired school buses. Nowadays, school buses are being renovated into mobile homes and restaurants. When a bus is given a creative new purpose, it is referred to as a “skoolie”. 

When people use the term skoolie, they are usually referring to a bus that has been transformed into a tiny home. However, as skoolies continue to become more popular, they have been converted into food trucks too. If you enjoy being on the road, a skoolie ia a great housing or restaurant alternative. 

Because this is a newer term in the travel and transportation industry, we wanted to answer some of the most asked questions to help you start planning your own bus renovation. 

Converting a used school bus

How Long is a Shuttle? 

Shuttle and school buses come in a variety of sizes, which is helpful when you’re purchasing one to convert. At American Bus Sales, we have new and used shuttle buses that range from 8-39 passengers. Depending on the size you need, we can accommodate by providing you with a new or used shuttle options.

If you’re looking to repurpose something larger, we would suggest looking at our new and used school buses for sale. We also offer a variety of different bus sizes, and many of our options include wheelchair access.

When you’re shopping for bus options, you can always request more information about the bus you are interested in so you can get exact measurements and plan accordingly.

Where Will You Convert Your Skoolie?

Before you purchase the size of bus you need, think about where you will be converting it. If you are buying a large bus, you need to have a place to work on it. This includes finding a place to park it without violating any of your town’s rules.

If you realize that you don’t have any space to complete your project, you might want to ask your friends and family to rent their space or look for other workspaces.

How Much Does a Bus Cost to Buy?

After you’ve determined the size of the bus you need and figured out a place to convert it, it’s time to purchase your bus. So, how much does a small bus cost to buy? If you’re looking for a used shuttle bus, it can cost anywhere between $13,000-$79,400, depending on the size you need.

At American Bus Sales, our used school buses range in prices depending on their size, model, and year. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can purchase a used school bus for as low as $3,500!

What Can You Do with A Skoolie?

The best part about a skoolie is that you can customize it anyway you want. After you purchase your bus, you can begin to gut it and clean it out. Once that’s complete, you’re free to start getting creative. Many people have added wood siding and ceilings to make their bus feel more like home. There is also a lot of interior space to add a kitchen, living area, bedroom, and bathroom. Plus, you can even re-paint and decorate the outside.

Because of the popularity of food trucks, another alternative that you may see on the road is a food skoolie. School buses are larger and roomier than your traditional food truck. A used school bus gives you plenty of space to move around and prepare food. Not to mention, buses are also very affordable, even with all of it’s excess storage space.

How Long Will Your Skoolie Last?

Used school buses are very reliable, and you can continue to get a lot of use from them even when taken off the road. Of course, this varies based on how well-maintained the bus has been and the type of engine it has. However, if you purchase your bus from a professional bus sale company, they will be sure to set you up for a successful journey.

Where Can You Purchase a Used School Bus?

If you need a used school bus, American Bus Sales can provide you with quality new and used school or shuttle buses. At American Bus Sales, we offer a wide variety of buses for sale in different sizes, makes, and models to meet all your transportation and conversion needs. Give us a call at 866-574-9970 today with any questions you have about purchasing a bus.