** BUY ** used school bus for sale in Arizona

Find the Cheapest and Best Solution

American Bus Sales is the best place to find a used school bus for sale in Arizona.  There you can find a vast selection of mass transit vehicles to suit any purpose or need. American Bus Sales offers used tour coaches, special needs vehicles, shuttles, and Chevrolet Blue Bird school buses at a reasonable cost. Many organizations, such as churches and school districts, cannot afford to break the bank on transportation. A used school bus can be the perfect solution to those could otherwise not afford it. We at American Bus Sales understand this and, as such, always keep a large stock of used vehicles. We also provide flexible financing plans to help offset the initial cost and fit into tight budgets.

Although mass transit vehicles often come with warranties from the manufacturer, some customers want more protection. To some, having additional warranties means more peace of mind and protection for their purchase. American Bus Sales offers three different types of additional warranties to choose from. These warranties are 90-day drivetrain warranties, 30-day bumper to bumper warranties, and extended warranties. The extended warranties can protect your vehicle for up to five years or 100,000 miles after purchase.

Additional Services

Rental and leasing services make up two big components of the American Bus Sales business. It provides a very cost efficient solution with flexible time ranges to best suit the customer’s needs. Whether you are renting, leasing, or purchasing a used school bus in Arizona, be sure to make use of our premier customization services. Often, used school buses need slight restoration or updating. Other times, the used buses simply lack the features necessary to serve specific purposes for a customer.

Our parts department can assist any customer with additional amenities or repairs needed. Our technicians are extensively trained to diagnose, repair, and design the bus or transit vehicle of your dreams. As a full-service fleet provider, American Bus Sales is prepared to help you find exactly what you are looking for in a bus. For a used school bus for sale in Arizona, or for other mass transit needs. Be sure to call us at  866.574.9970