Alaska is beautiful, but it is also isolated with many areas unreachable during winter months. Trying to find the bus, coach, or shuttle you need for your local school district, private fleet, or municipality can be hard when your search is limited to just vehicles in Alaska, but with our extensive inventory available nationwide, you can always get the vehicle you need.

As a premier fleet service provider, American Bus Sales has everything you need to maintain a successful fleet in The Last Frontier – delivered directly to you.

The cold winters and harsh terrain can be brutal on vehicles, but you can always rely on a bus or coach from ABS. Our vehicles come prepared to handle almost any terrain, and are thoroughly inspected before they leave our lot for any signs of problems. If we see anything wrong, we make sure it is fully repaired before it ever has the chance to cause you any headaches.

If you’re looking for flat nose, rear-engine, church buses, school buses, activity buses, daycare buses, shuttles, coaches, tour buses, special needs buses for sale in Alaska, or anything in betweencontact us. We can help solve any bus problems you have.

If you are looking for something temporary, consider one of our many rental and lease options, so you can always get the vehicle you need for as long as you need it.

American Bus Sales prides itself on providing the best vehicles, parts, and services available across the entire U.S., and that includes Alaska. Contact us today and we can solve all your transportation needs today.

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All Buses will meet state specifications.

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