American Bus Sales Case Study

Restoring Buses to Like New Condition

When you are looking for a new bus for your fleet, you may not think about purchasing a used bus. However, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider purchasing a used school bus or restoring a bus from your current fleet instead of buying a brand new bus.

At American Bus Sales, we’ve restored numerous aging buses and have made them as good as new again. Take a look at how we restored this used school bus to like-new condition for one of our satisfied clients! 

Restoring a bus from your current fleet generally ends up being half or less of the cost of purchasing a brand-new bus. Plus, when you restore a used bus, those buses only need to comply with the standards for that production year instead of the newer, more stringent standards. This can reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance, and is an especially great option for schools on a tighter budget. 

Here’s an inside look at some of the services we provide for our Bus Restorations

Custom Paint, Graphics, Wraps, and Lettering

Whether your bus requires simple lettering, a full-body wrap, or a fresh coat of paint, American Bus Sales has the tools and highest quality materials needed to get the job done. Our skilled team will make sure that your bus looks as good as new before hitting the road. 

Sandblasting Services

Before adding a fresh coat of paint, you first have to remove the previous paint job. At American Bus Sales, we generally use our sandblasting services to remove unwanted paint, rust, and other materials from the undercarriage of your bus.

Sandblasting is also an excellent option for removing peeling or chipped paint on older school buses, so we can sandblast the entire vehicle if needed.

Repairing or Replacing Vinyl Seats 

Because the seats of your school bus have been through years of wear and tear, it may be time to replace them. At American Bus Sales, our upholstery has been designed especially for school bus seating. The materials we use are durable, comfortable, and easy to maintain.

Installing and Repairing Heat and Air Conditioning Systems in Buses

Whether your bus needs a new heating or cooling system installed, or a repair of your current system, make sure you contact American Bus Sales. We have the tools you need to keep your bus cool in the summer and warm all winter long. 

School Bus Inspections in Oklahoma 

At American Bus Sales, we take pride in the expertise of our technicians. Our staff will provide you with quality services, so you can feel confident in taking your used bus out on the road. We are constantly striving to keep our reputation as a quality, full-service fleet provider. That’s why we’ll perform a quality inspection before your bus leaves our shop. 

We can even perform DOT Vehicle Inspections to ensure that your pre-owned shuttles, school buses, and coaches are safe and reliable on the road! 

If we find anything wrong with your vehicle during an inspection, we have an extensive selection of parts, making it easy to find a safe fix for your bus. Our service department is fully equipped to handle all of your service and maintenance needs. 

Maintaining and Repairing Air and Hydraulic Braking Systems

Maintaining your braking system is important, but especially so on a school bus or other large commercial vehicle.  As part of your state or DOT inspection, we will check your vehicles brakes for overall function and excessive wear, and can make any repairs necessary to bring them into compliance.

Purchasing a Used School Bus 

At American Bus Sales, we are known for our incredible school bus restorations. Our goal is to make the purchasing process cheaper and more comfortable while providing you with a bus filled with years of reliable service. 

We offer a large variety of buses for sale of different sizes, makes, and models to meet all of your transportation needs. Contact us online or give us a call at 866-574-9970 to request a quote today!