Purchasing A Shuttle for Your Church

Purchasing A Shuttle for Your Church

Buses don’t always have to be used for school and public transportation. It is becoming increasingly common for private organizations to use buses and shuttles to help transport their members for events or even everyday work.

 A shuttle or bus opens a wide variety of opportunities for churches that you may have never thought of. While obviously, they help with transporting groups for faraway church conferences or youth events, buses can also increase church accessibility for the elderly or those with special needs. 

This can also be a great way to expand your congregation. Many people do not have adequate access to transportation. Having a church shuttle can allow you to ensure those members have a ride to and from the church. 

Once you’ve decided a bus is an essential investment for your congregation, you can begin the buying process.  


Here are a few tips or finding the right bus: 

Consider the size– If you have a smaller congregation, you may be able to use a van instead of a large bus. On the other hand, if you have a larger group, you may want to purchase a shuttle to start and then expand from there. 

 Purchasing a large school bus for a small rural congregation can be overkill; however, it could also come in handy if your church takes frequent long trips where the entire group may be involved.

Similarly, a small coach sounds too small for any of the large churches in a big city. But, a fleet of small coaches can be better for maneuvering congested city streets and bringing members from disparate areas of the city to your church.

Who will be driving– If you will be using a shuttle, any volunteer with a valid license will be able to operate it. If you decide to purchase a larger bus that seats 16 or more people, the driver will have to have a valid CDL license. A CDL licensing test consists of a written test, vision test, and may include a road skills test. Driving a commercial vehicle without a valid CDL license is not only dangerous, but it can also result in hefty penalties, which include fines, suspended license, and possible jail time. 

Wheelchair accessibility– Transportation for your church should be accessible to all members, which is why it is crucial to consider a wheelchair-accessible shuttle for your transportation needs. 

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