Managing Your Fleet During the COVID-19 Down Time

The repercussions of COVID-19 have affected nearly every industry. While business is picking back up, and school is back in session for some, we still face some unanticipated downtime that we aren’t used to experiencing. Although most companies would rather be back up and running at full speed, try to slow down and take advantage of your downtime.

Your priority is to protect your employees and the people they come in contact with. It is also important to focus on managing assets, reducing business risk, and maintaining your budget. Now that you have the time to focus on your business, it makes sense to focus on developing a management strategy for your fleet.

During these times, it’s important to ensure that your fleet is efficiently managed and maintained. Here are some excellent ways you can be proactive, and keep your fleet healthy during these unexpected times:

Used School Bus Maintenance

Work on Your Maintenance Efforts

Because there can be a lot left unknown in terms of when businesses will be up and running back to normal, take this opportunity to jump on board and increase your maintenance efforts to help prepare your vehicles for when things begin to return to full service.

By getting ahead now, you will be ready to resume full operations as soon as it’s approved. Keeping up with your fleet maintenance will help you prevent future downtime, give your business the upper hand, and take you one step closer to returning to normalcy.

Track Your Vehicle Expenses

Another task that should be included in your fleet management system is expense tracking. These trying times can be hard on your company financially. Take the extra downtime you have to gather an understanding of your expenses. This is especially important if you plan on receiving fleet maintenance during these times.

Cleaning Your Fleet

During these times, cleanliness and safety protocols are extremely important. Ensuring that your fleet is in its best shape will help reduce the spread of COVID-19 to your employees and customers or students. Always sanitize your vehicles and equipment periodically throughout the day, and before and after every use.

Also, encourage your employees to follow the same protocols. If they work with others throughout the day, make sure that they are wearing their protective equipment such as masks and gloves. They should also actively practice social distancing with both their coworkers and their clients.

Manage Your Inventory

Remember, during these times, you’ll find shortages in nearly every industry. Keep in mind that a lot of the parts and assemblies needed for your fleet are shipped internationally. So, if you have an unexpected breakdown but you don’t have the parts in stock, this could cause a severe disruption your fleet management efforts.

By keeping track of your inventory, you will be well prepared to order products well before they are needed.

Install New Technology in Your Fleet

If your fleet is a little dated, now is a great time to give it the upgrade it needs. Customers are used to having access to technology, so it’s important that you modernize your bus by adding some. You can even make it as simple as adding a new GPS. Adding technology will increase the value of the bus, and keep it up to date with newer buses on the road.

Work With American Bus Sales to Optimize Your Fleet Management

At American Bus Sales, our service center can help you optimize your fleet management efforts. We provide bus services such as cleaning, maintenance, repairs, inspections, and installation of new technology in our service center.

Make the most out of your downtime and give our professionals a call at 866-574-9970.