Free Public Transit Trial

Free Public Transit

Different cities across the country are proposing a new system in which public transit will be free for everyone. According to a study conducted by the Center for Economic Information in the Department of Economics at the University of Missouri Kansas City, the elimination of bus fares will improve the quality of life in the Kansas City Area.

The public transportation system is flawed in many cities. New York City has been dealing with ongoing issues surrounding the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). There has been an increase in fare evasions and arrests as a result of this. Activists have called for fare evasion to be decriminalized. The leading argument activists present is that people who cannot pay a 3-dollar fare cannot afford a 100-dollar fine.

Eliminating fares has been tried in a few different cities, but the results have varied.

According to a 2002 report issued by the National Center for Transit Research, Austin, Texas, eliminated fares in 1989. It eventually reverted back to a traditional fare-based system a year later.

Kansas City, MO, will be the first major US city to offer free bus service to residents this year. Free bus fares will help bring transportation to everyone, not just the people who can afford it. The use of public transportation also helps reduce air pollution from single-driver cars, eliminates traffic congestion, and increases fuel efficiency.

If the free bus fare system is a success in Kansas City, MO,  it could cause a big change in the way major cities handle their public transportation.

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