HT-45 High-Capacity Luxury Coach

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Chassis Specifications

  • Chassis: CHTC Bus
  • Engine: CUMMINS ISX12 (425HP)
  • Mileage: NEW
  • Transmission: Allison B500R Automatic
  • Brakes: Hydraulic
  • G.V.W.R.: 54,000
  • Fuel Tank: 210 gal.
  • Alternator: 28v 150ah
  • Steering/Column: Tilt/ Telescope
  • Battery: 12v 75ah X2
  • Accessories: Australian Supergal® steel frame, Knorr-Bremse all-wheel disc brakes with anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic stability programming (ESP), independent front and full-floating ZF air-suspension, front and rear anti-sway bars, full height control and front kneel control, day/night backup camera, heated rear-view and blind-spot mirrors, pneumatic entry door, cruise control, radio, public address (PA) with wireless microphone, electric blinds, Polished Alcoa Aluminum Wheels w/ Michelin tubeless tires

Body Specifications

  • Make: CHTC Bus
  • Model: HT-45
  • Capacity: Up to 56
  • Glass: Tinted
  • Entrance Door: Pneumatic
  • Driver's Seat: Auto-reset ISRI air-ride driver seat
  • Seating: Fansia recliner seat belted seats
  • Accessories: Dark tint saloon glass, Passenger reading lamps, Quick release gas struts lift wheel arches, Electric heated rear-view mirrors, Separate blind-spot mirrors with integrated turn signals, Remote controlled pneumatic entry door, Roof mounted air intake, Electric front drivers blinds, Electric Panograph bin doors, High capacity MCC air conditioning and SPHEROS auxiliary heating with Bitzer compressor, 430 cubic feet Internal luggage racks, flip-down 17” screens, bus-wide DVD player with auxiliary inputs, individual headphone jacks, WiFi, USB charging connections, window blinds, retractable front tray tables

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