Technology Is Making Buses Safer

School buses are rarely thought of as the pinnacle of vehicle technology. While car manufacturers (and Google…) are experimenting with entirely connected and self-driving vehicles, school buses mostly forego these types of technological changes that could potentially alter the way we one day use transportation. But, school buses are advancing technologically in ways you probably… Read more »

Familiarize Yourself With Your Bus Dashboard With This Great Graphic

Every driver should be familiar with all the lights and signs on your dashboard, and this is doubly true for bus drivers. Most buses available have their own unique array of warning lights that can save you from causing severe damage to your vehicle. Investigating any lights flashing on your dash can also help keep… Read more »

The FMCSA Helps Explain Bus Regulations

It can be scary to be on the verge of making a huge investment in a large vehicle for group travel, especially if you don’t feel like you totally understand the regulations and laws you will have to comply with to operate your vehicle. Don’t you wish there was an easy to access resource that… Read more »

More People Are Choosing Buses Every Day

Until schools find ways to move large numbers of students more efficiently than buses, the school bus will always have a prominent place on the road. But, you might not notice just how often buses are used by groups other than students. Buses and shuttles are being used more and more often as people are… Read more »

New Wheelchair Tie-Down Standards Aim To Improve Passenger Safety

The bus industry has made great strides in improving the transportation options available to passengers who have special needs of all kinds, but new safety standards will make riding in buses, cars, and vans even safer for passengers in wheelchairs. While some of the requirements on wheelchair tie-down systems have already gone into effect, there… Read more »

Corrosion Protection Matters For Buses

Finding a great bus is important, but any bus will fall to pieces frighteningly fast without good care. You have to inspect and maintain your bus on a regular basis to keep it in proper operating shape and prevent your vehicle from going out of commission suddenly. None of this should come as a surprise,… Read more »

Will Your Bus Fit Everyone You Need It To?

When looking for a bus, you will almost certainly be asked how many people you plan to transport with your vehicle. But, some salespeople will forget to ask about another key detail: who are the people you will be moving in your bus? School buses are commonly used for more than transporting students. Churches, businesses,… Read more »

What You Should Know Before Buying a Bus

Most people looking to buy a bus have only two concerns when they come to us. They have a budget they need to meet, and a set number of passengers they need to be able to transport. While those two factors are always a heavy influence on finding the bus that best suits your needs,… Read more »