Bus Safety Video “School Bus Shuffle” Wins a Telly Award

One of the most important aspects of owning any style of bus is always safety. Whether you are transporting 60 students or 15 members of a church congregation, it takes skill and practice to get them safely where you are going. This is why we celebrate National School Bus Safety week each October. Last year,… Read more »

What are the Non-Monetary Benefits of Buses?

It is relatively easy to quantify the personal benefits of using a bus. You can calculate the gas your organization saves by employing mass transit vehicles, or you can predict the potential profits of investing in a bus and starting your own commercial venture with it. But, during hard times many organizations attempt to determine… Read more »

Can Your Church Benefit From a Bus or Shuttle?

Buses don’t always have to be used for school and public transportation. It is becoming increasingly common for private organizations to use buses and shuttles to help transport their members for events or even everyday work. One of the most popular ways to repurpose buses is using them for church activities. A shuttle or bus… Read more »

How Can a Bus Be a Restaurant?

School buses are often constrained by their purpose. Despite the massive amount of possibilities hiding in plain site, most buses are used strictly for their intended purpose and nothing else. They spend their lifespan transporting children or adults and when they become obsolete or too expensive they are put out to pasture and stripped for… Read more »

New Report Says Buses Are Still One Of The Safest Transportation Options

It can’t be overstated how safe buses are. They are so safe, that despite being larger and more difficult to drive than traditional vehicles, federal data says that less than one percent of all fatal traffic accidents from 2003 to 2012 were related to school transportation. To be exact, 0.35 percent of the fatal accidents… Read more »

Can Cameras Cut Down On Stop-Arm Violations?

Across the country many schools are attaching surveillance cameras to the outside of the bus in an attempt to catch stop-arm violators and reduce the number of cars endangering students by speeding past a stopped bus. But, the question at the moment is whether these cameras are worth the investment, or if they will be… Read more »