How We Can Keep Improving Bus Safety

School buses are already accepted as one of the safest transportation options available, especially for young children. Still, we got that reputation with hard work and innovation, not by resting on our laurels. Frank Di Giacomo, publisher of School Bus Fleet and Vice President, bus and rail, at Bobit Business Media, recently urged us to… Read more »

Oklahoma District Decorates Buses To Support Child Abuse Awareness Month

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month, and Woodward Public Schools is using their school bus to help raise awareness by decorating the vehicles in blue ribbons. The blue ribbon is considered the international symbol for child abuse prevention, and the Woodward Area Coalition, along with some help from the Woodward County office of the Oklahoma… Read more »

Thomas Built Buses Partner With Zonar Systems

I think we all know that it won’t be too many years before just about every vehicle on the road – including buses – come equipped with GPS and other sorts of electronic telematics systems, but who would have thought it would be so soon. Thomas Built Buses has announced a partnership with Zonar Systems… Read more »

Safety Isn’t Just Smart, It’s Profitable

If you have been operating a school bus fleet for a while, safety is likely one of your favorite words. But, if you are just getting started and trying to grow a fleet, it can seem tempting to cut corners where you can. There is a big reason that the biggest fleets prioritize safety, and… Read more »

Tennessee Legislature Extends School Bus Age and Mileage Regulations

Schools are constantly on the lookout for new buses, as regulations frequently require school buses to be retired once they have reached a certain age or mileage limit. The regulations vary from state to state, and frequently reliable buses have to be sold off or retired simply because of statutes and limitations. Tennessee lawmakers recently… Read more »

FMCSA Issues Statement Regarding Third-Party Bus and Motorcoach Inspections

Many governmental agencies and school districts have been introducing new requirements mandating third-party safety reviews before doing business with bus or motorcoach companies. This is a reasonable decision and a plausible safeguard from any misleading salesmen, but last year the United Motorcoach Association wrote to FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro with concerns regarding the use of… Read more »

A Massachusetts Town Is Turning a Bus Into Traveling Art

School buses are known for their bright yellow color, even though some schools use buses of other colors and some private organizations choose to keep the yellow tint even though they aren’t working in pupil transportation. Even when groups do choose to paint their bus, it is rare to see anything outside of the normal;… Read more »

School Districts Are Turning To Propane Buses

When we talk about buses running on alternative fuels like propane, most people assume it is a DIY type system which is rigged up on an old bus. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Buses are steadily accepting alternative fuel systems on a large-scale level, and modern propane buses are anything but jury rigged…. Read more »

School Bus Loading and Unloading Safety

School bus stop-arm policies have been making news across the nation as schools are trying to prevent drivers from harming children loading and unloading every day. It seems like every school district in the nation deals with drivers illegally passing round stopped school buses when the unloading lights are flashing. Many places are attempting to… Read more »

Turning a Bus Into a Home

You’ve most likely seen school buses repurposed for private businesses or church organizations. As more groups realize how affordable and efficient buses can be, the trend has spread and now it seems just about every church building has at least one shuttle regularly waiting outside. But, repurposing buses for this type of purpose is easy…. Read more »