our warranty services for national bus sales



At American Bus, we place a great deal of importance on the aftercare you receive once you have purchased your used bus from us.  As a national bus company, we have access to a number of locations where you can take your bus for regular maintenance, as well as for any repairs or diagnostics which might need to take place under warranty. If you have an older school bus that needs a part, or a repair outside of warranty, then we can help you with that too.


For many years, leaders in national bus sales, American Bus, has taken great pride in our servicing department. Our goal for every customer is to provide a quality bus to you. All of our used buses will go through and pass our rigorous safety inspections. The majority of our used buses offer the option of an extended warranty no matter the year, make, or model of the bus.

Different types of warranty services we offer


Most of the buses we offer for national bus sales will come with a remaining manufacturers’ warranty, but we also offer an optional 90-day Drive Train Warranty or 30-day Bumper to Bumper Warranty – so you can be sure your bus is covered. Extended warranties are also available up to five years or 100,000 miles from the time of purchase. Warranties cover services performed on buses at many participating locations all across the country, not just the American Bus Sales location.


  • 90-day Drivetrain Warranty
  • 30 Day Bumper to Bumper Warranty
  • Extended Warranties


Please call our Service Department at 1-866-574-9970 ext. 102 to schedule a service, maintenance, or repairs for your bus.

why is a warranty important when buying a used school bus?


For most people, when they make a large purchase, such as buying a used bus, or an older school bus: it is because there is a genuine demand for the product.  For example, you might buy a used bus from us to add to your fleet due to an increase in business, or a breakdown of a current bus.  You might be a school buying a used school bus to allow you to be able to easily transport children on a daily basis, helping them to get to school, or to events outside of the school.  It could be that you are a company or even a church who has been looking for a used bus for sale to help you to move your people around with ease.  Whoever you are, and whatever the purpose of your used bus, it is most likely that you want the bus to last as long as possible, and to cost you as little as possible for the duration.


Now, a warranty is an additional cost at the start, but if you consider the warranty as part of the cost of the purchase, it is only a small fraction of the overall amount that you pay.  A warranty gives you peace of mind in the event that something should break on your bus; then you do not need to worry about the added, unexpected maintenance expense popping up at a time when you really don’t have the extra money budgeted to pay for it.


A warranty from American Bus gives you a range of service locations that you can take your used bus to get a service, nationwide.  We are not solely limited to our own repair centers which are great to know if you are a customer.  All of the technicians we use for our services are fully experienced with working on buses and deliver outstanding levels of care and service.


The best and easiest way to think about a warranty for your used bus is an extra layer of protection, so if anything breaks down, you know you can contact us to get the issue fixed and resolved quickly.  We will ensure that your bus is not off the road any longer than it needs to be and that the repair of your used bus is handled correctly, by people who know what they are doing.